Victory is Peace.

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded jointly to three women – Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian Leymah Gbowee and Tawakul Karman of Yemen.

They were recognised for their “non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work”.

Karman is a Yemeni human rights activist who has been a leading figure in mass protests against the government in 2011.

Johnson Sirleaf is the first woman to be democratically elected as President of an African country. Amnesty International in the past considered her to be a prisoner of conscience, jailed for her opposition to the ruling government in 1985.

Gbowee mobilized women across ethnic and religious lines to help end war in Liberia and ensure women’s participation in elections there.

First of all, as a short summary, the Nobel release read:

It is the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s hope that the prize to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman will help to bring an end to the suppression of women that still occurs in many countries, and to realise the great potential for democracy and peace that women can represent.

Furthermore, Karman, appears to be the first to have a quoted reaction to the award and dedicated it, via BBC News:

“I’m so happy with the news of this prize and I dedicate it to all the martyrs and wounded of the Arab Spring … in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria and to all the free people who are fighting for their rights and freedoms. Actually I didn’t know I was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize until now. I only knew about it through BBC Arabic and al-Jazeera, so thank you very much.”

The most important newspaper in US (the New York Times) states some of these declarations:

“Ms. Karman, 32, a mother of three, took to the streets of the capital along with about 50 other university students in January, demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

“This is a victory for Arabs around the world,” she said of the prize, adding “and a victory for Arab women.”

InLiberia, Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf said that she and Ms. Gbowee accepted “this honor on behalf of the Liberian people and the credit goes to them.”

“For we are now going into our ninth year of peace, and every Liberian has contributed to it,” she said. “We particularly give this credit to Liberian women, who have consistently led the struggle for peace, even under conditions of neglect.”

The three women will receive their awards, each consisting of a diploma, a gold medal and a third of the 10 million Swedish kronor ($1.48 million, 1.08 million euros) prize money at a ceremony in Oslo on December 10, the anniversary of the death in 1896 of prize founder Alfred Nobel.

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Social Plugins and WordPress: What Options Exist for Social Publishing with WordPress?

Written by Robin Wilding on December 18, 2010

You have found your voice on WordPress. Congratulations. But, without getting people to read it your blog will be as popular as an accordion player at a rock concert. There is no more perfect way to promote your blog than to use social plugins. Social plugins allow you to shamelessly proselytize your WordPress blog to attract social media socialites.

Should a visitor to your blog decide to share it with their friends, they can do so with the click of a button via your WordPress social plugins. The beauty of it is that not only are you promoting your blog, your visitors are too. Sound good? It gets better: these plugins are completely free. These plugins’ ability to expose your blog to the 500 million social media users out there, for free, explains their spike in popularity with blog owners.

The most important social plugin for your WordPress blog will be one that allows users to connect to their favorite social media site and post comments and links about your blog. The added benefit of these plugins is that they are the Ronco Food Dehydrator of plugins—just set them and forget them. They will then do the work for you. There is a ridiculous amount of these plugins that do essentially the same thing, but you will not be subjected to that never-ending story here. We will leave top ten lists to Letterman; here are our top 3 plugins that are easiest to install and use and are most visually effective.

1. Social Profilr – If you can ignore the Ebonics-like spelling of the name, Social Profilr is a zippy little plugin that contains the 14 most popular social media sites in one. Social Profilr made our list because unlike the competition, people can add personalized messages to their social media post, and not just your link.

2. Sociable – For those who consider themselves too legit to quit socializing after 14 sites, then use Sociable.Sociable will post to 99 different sites (and if that is not enough then you need to head to Facebook detox). This plugin comes with an idiot-proof installation process and already this handy plugin has over 500,000 deploys.

3. Wibiya – In typical save-the-best-for-last fashion, we did. Wibiya is a highly effective toolbar-style plugin that allows your users to comment on their social media sites, without ever leaving your site. Not only can they make comments, they can chat on their social site without leaving yours. They can also “like” your page and Tweet your praises. No pop-up windows, no redirections, just a simple tool in a style your users are already familiar with. The toolbar scrolls with the page and is immediately visible, but it does not clutter your masterpiece. It can be added in two minutes, and comes with analytical tools to help you measure its success, because it is THAT confident in itself. And on a design note, you can pick the colors to keep your site’s Feng Shui chakras aligned.

Now—for what YOU can do. There are WordPress social plugins that administrators can use to boost their page views:

Make Me Social

This plugin won’t make you popular, just your blog. Each time you create a new blog post you can post it automatically to all the A-list social sites. Yup– this is the lazy socializing blog tool of the future, for busy bloggers-on-the-go. Easy as pie and cheaper than dirt.


Mingle is in a class of its own. It will turn your WordPress blog into its own micro social media platform. Visitors to your blog will be able create profiles, befriend other users from your site’s full directory of members, make profile activities, make social commentary, receive email notifications, adjust privacy settings, and more. This of course is great news for the 87 people in America without Facebook accounts.  A valuable tool for high-traffic blogs.

Simple Facebook Connect

This aptly named plugin truly is simple; it lets you to connect to all of Facebook’s social media outlets for WordPress in one simple platform. With this plugin you have the ability to:

  • Comment using Facebook Identity
  • Automatically Publish new posts to Facebook Profile or Fan Page
  • Manually Publish posts to FB Profile or Application or Fan Page
  • Login with your Facebook credentials
  • New user registration with Facebook credentials
  • Share button and Shortcode
  • Connect Button Widget and Shortcode
  • User Status Widget and Shortcode
  • Live Stream Widget and Shortcode
  • Bookmark Widget and Shortcode
  • Find us on Facebook button Widget and Shortcode
  • Fan Box Widget
  • Fan Count Chicklet and Widget
  • Like Button and Shortcode
  • Upcoming Events Widget
  • Activity Feed Widget

This app is perfect for people who do not know much about coding but want all the benefits of the largest website on the planet. With over 500 million users, this will undoubtedly be the social media site that you will focus on most.

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The Importance of Twitter to your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Written by Robin Wilding on March 9, 2011

600 million daily searches and 10 billion tweets later Twitter has established itself as a critical element to any social media marketing strategy. Twitter’s success is not surprising though, given its unique balance of business & personal use and high-quality users.

Unlike other forms of social media marketing Twitter’s users are highly educated, with 16%+ of their users holding advanced degrees and 30%+ holding 4-year degrees—think Facebook back in 2004. Twitter users also tend to live in higher income houses (surely a correlation to high education levels), which means more spending power. Also the branding opportunities continue as 51% of Twitter users follow brands versus just 16% in other social media spectrum. Users are also more international than other social networkers, so your brand can reach a global audience.

These stats deliver-up an intricate web of knowledge and of movers and shakers, and reaching these intelligent movers and shakers is why Twitter is a critical element to social media marketing success.

There are several elemental reasons why Twitter should be a part of your online strategy:

Be In the Know

Twitter, and its third party app selection offer a way for you to stay in the loop on what people are saying about your company, whether directly or indirectly. Comcast, Dell GM, Kodak, Whole Foods Market and thousands of other companies regularly monitor Twitter content via analytical tools, to find out what people are saying.  Staying on top of your brand, your competitors and vertical specific trends is all a part of Twitter—and should be a part of your online presence management.

Link Building

An essential part of any online marketing practice is building reciprocal links. The more your company/website is mentioned the higher your page rank and presence will be with major search engines. When a Tweet goes viral you receive tons of links and unique page views, which are then become part of a social indexing with most major search engines.

Twitter as Customer Service

Surprisingly, Twitter has emerged as a serious customer service tool. The ease of solving CS issues within 140 characters makes it a popular tool amongst executives, marketers, and other brand controllers. Despite the difficulty of controlling large brands due to their sheer size, major corporations are even attempting to fix CS issues on the ground floor, in a very public and transparent forum.

Twitter functions in four ways as a CS platform for companies: problem resolution, positive brand imagery, staff involvement, and cost reduction. The ability of CS resolutions to go viral and sweeten a brand image while solving hundreds or thousands of individual issues over one low-cost platform is mind blowing.

By employing Twitter as a customer service tool you can track large brand-based conversations, including larger dialogues pieced together from smaller ones. Through greater customer contact you can drive brand loyalty via a quick response to problems and a willingness to help.

Official Chevrolet Tweeter and Chevy PR Guy Adam Denison leverages Twitter on a daily basis to help control his brand’s imagery.  Denison believes that Twitter is a solid way to remain part of the brand’s online dialogue when he says “I could talk for a long time about how I Twittered for hours on end helping to clarify misconceptions about GM during the loan hearings!  (That’s a hard one to answer in 140 characters or less).” Twitter also gives you the tools to respond to customer issues in real-time. Another case posted by Denison was when his brand watching apps caught negative feedback coming in live via a user at a GM Saturn dealership, who couldn’t find a salesperson. Denison was able to alert the specific dealership, who then sent someone over immediately. In the end not only did they save themselves bad press– the customer purchased a vehicle and is now cruising around in a brand new Saturn.

Another avid Tweeting company is CarnivalCruise, who use Twitter to connect and interact with guests and potential guests…on terms they are comfortable with.  Carnival’s Twitter face Stephanie Leavitt says she has run the gauntlet from positive to negative feedback, but always in a constructive forum in which she can address the problem. Her most notable customer conversation was with someone who posted “you took my cruise shirts! Give back my shirt you son of a b**tch!”– Soon thereafter his t-shirts were in the mail—turning a negative into a positive… the issue later went viral and contributed to their overall online presence.

Makes Viral Easier

It is every company and brand’s dream to have content on the net that goes viral. Viral content can reach millions within a matter of minutes—but this can be extremely difficult to do. While Twitter does not guarantee this, it does facilitate the process via a one-button Retweet strategy.  Many trends have become viral on Twitter before other news sources, so much in fact that it is becoming the first point of reference for many—and with 600 million searches everyday that is a huge market to miss out on.

Personalization – Putting a Face to Your Business

One of the most herculean tasks businesses face is being relatable, personable and recognizable to their audience. While corporate imagery and logos are effective to a point, statistically people are still drawn to personalities and faces. Putting a face and voice to your business via Twitter scores you huge personalization points. This is especially true of businesses with hundreds, thousands or millions of employees. Dell is a great example, with over 20 official Twitter accounts, each with its own face.

Scott Monty has done an impeccable job putting a face and personality to Ford’s branding strategy. His regular interaction with users has made him a Twitter guru, and a major point person for marketing, sales, PR and more. He has almost 9,000 regular followers and is known by name and face in most Twitter circles.


While Twitter is taken lightly by many, it is the source of much of the viral content on the web, it create an excellent outlet to maintain your brand’s image through customer service, marketing and promotions, and it gives you valuable analytical tools to measure your branding success.

If you do not have a Twitter account yet for your business, signup now.

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